Women on the front lines of combat makes a lot of sense to me. Here is why. Women are awesome. They are men's perfect counterpart. Their perspective, presence and abilities can only enhance a squad or platoon that is in the midst of making extremely important life and death decisions.

Uriel Sinai - Getty Images

A diverse group outperforms an individual every time. The more diverse the group, the more creative the suggestions and solutions there will be for any task at hand.

Put it this way, you can have just the 'yin', or you can have both the 'yin' and 'yang'. Given the choice, I'll take both. As a married man, there is one thing that I can confirm, and that's that men and women think differently. Without my wife, I am left to think things through on my own, and I often end up flailing and failing.

In a front line situation, whether for humanitarian efforts after a weather event or in the midst of a conflict, I would want as many options as possible. Options are nothing but ideas, so the best case scenario would be to have a bunch of different types of creative and imaginative people around generating ideas to solve the issues at hand.

Also, I'm not sure if you've had the pleasure of being in a group of only men to experience where their collective urges lead, but let's just say it's not always the optimal place.