The story about women in the military is going to spark much debate, so we asked what you thought.

We received calls from those from either side, and some like me, who see both sides of the story.

Here is what a military mom whose daughter is currently deployed to Afghanistan had to say.

My daughter is currently in Afghanistan. She is in the army and she wishes she had the ability to go out on missions and be on the front lines more than she is. She says she's stuck in a base. She joined the army to make a difference, and she would give anything to be able to be on the front lines.

Then we had a call from an Army guy, who sounded hesitant to give the idea of women serving in front line combat roles and enthusiastic endorsement. are out for three days at a time, and there is not bathroom, and there is no place to take care of personal needs other than just in front of other men, if you can't be completely naked in front of another man and not care...

While I agree with some of his points, the above quote and the rest of what he says about it is where I diverge. He refers to potential squeamishness about going to the bathroom and being naked. Well, I have to hope that any female who makes the choice to be a professional soldier and potentially kill or be killed in the line of duty would be able to handle a little communal pooping and nudity.


What are your thoughts on the subject?