There's a new trend among brides being reported by Newly married brides are not preserving their wedding dresses for posterity as much anymore. Instead many newly wed women are taking a different direction when it comes to the dresses that they said their vows on their wedding day.

Here's a brief look at what I think is a bizarre way to remember your wedding day, from the Philadelphia Inquirer.

When brides spend countless hours finding - and then fitting into - the perfect wedding dress, it's no wonder they eventually have that pricey number professionally cleaned and packed away for future family heirloom status.

But more women are taking a decidedly different approach to preservation: trashing the dress, and documenting it.

Whether it's days or years after the big bash, former brides are letting loose for edgy photo shoots in which the dress is trashed (by mud, grass, paint, water, urban grime, sand) for fashion-style images fit for the pages of Vogue. The ladies' range of rationale: anything from seeking catharsis to savoring memories.

"If you've been a 'Bridezilla' or were really stressed out during the wedding, it's a great way to let go and show you are not taking yourself so seriously," said Heather Levine, senior fashion editor for "Plus, some brides feel if they made this commitment to their husband for the rest of their lives, they won't need that dress again anyway."

A recent poll on the wedding website found that 11 percent of brides were opting to "trash the dress" - as it's come to be called - instead of preserving or selling it. Shoots start around $500 but additional fees kick in for albums or prints, and sometimes women buy a secondhand or cheaper gown for the occasion if they don't want to put their actual dress at risk.

Do YOU know anyone who's actually trashed her wedding dress and documented it ?