I sort of had a feeling Wok & Roll was going downhill when they closed their Riverside Ave. location; and today, my suspicions were proven correct.

The last remaining Fort Collins location at 2801 S. College Ave. in Fort Collins closed Saturday after 19 years, according to the Coloradoan.  Surprisingly, it wasn't the economy or stiff competition that slew the restaurant; but rather, it was a piece of equipment.

Co-owner Stephen Moritz cited a major charbroiler malfunction as the initial cause of the closure. Moritz said he and his wife, Sharon, expected to reopen the restaurant until they realized the time and cost of replacing their broken equipment.

I have mixed feelings about this one.  When I was in high school, I passed through Fort Collins for the very first time while on my way to Salt Lake City with a friend.  We stopped at Wok & Roll for lunch that day; and it was so good, it made me start loving Asian food altogether.

But then, upon returning to Fort Collins for college, I returned to Wok & Roll eager to relive that great experience; and sadly, it was terrible.  Maybe it was just a bad night, but I still never went back.

So farewell, Wok & Roll.  I'll always remember you for what you were; and not what you became.