Growing up, I couldn't understand why anyone would drink beer.  Just the smell of it used to put me off.  My parents would to refer to it as an "acquired taste."  I told myself I would never "acquire" whatever I needed to enjoy beer.  But then I turned 21 in Fort Collins, an area widely referred to as the Napa Valley of Beer, and my tastes changed very quickly...

It took me even longer to appreciate wine, though.  Luckily, I have a wife who's helped me acquire that particular taste as well; but given the choice, I still choose beer.

Despite living in an area so dominated by breweries, it turns out that nationwide, the number of adults who prefer wine is almost even with beer drinkers.  Sure doesn't seem that way in our neck of the woods, does it?

In any case, check out the figures in the story below.  Then, tell us which beverage you prefer in the comments!