Featured Trip Destination: Estes Park Wineries

Location: Estes Park, CO (Map)
Cost Per Person: $10-$20 per person
Age Range: 21+ Trip Time: 1-2 Days

Two of the best things about living on the Colorado Foothills are 1) the fact that the nearest mountain town is less than an hour away, and 2) that town is the incredible Estes Park.  My wife Robyn and I love to plan little getaways up there. In fact, we love it so much, we got married there! But one thing we always have to do when we go to Estes Park is do some wine tasting.

I know what you're thinking. "Wineries? In the Mountains? Don't I have to drive eight hours to the Western Slope to get wine from Colorado?" Actually, no!

Do yourself a favor: Pick a particularly nice day this Summer to spend wine tasting in Estes Park.  There are two different tasting rooms to enjoy, and it'll only cost you a few dollars per person!

Robyn and I love to visit the Valley of the Wind Winery. The tasting room is warm and bright, and the staff is kind and knowledgeable. If my memory serves, we each got five sizable tastes of wine for only $7 or $8.  Not bad, considering what an incredible experience you'll have there. Robyn and I always get a flight of samples, then buy a bottle of whichever one we like best. It's always a blast!

Right down the road, you'll find Snowy Peaks Winery. I've never been to this one, but the folks we run into at the Valley of the Wind tasting room recommend it pretty highly.  Here's a video from their Web Site:

So grab your sweetheart, hop in the car, and you'll be sipping delicious wine in the beautiful Colorado mountains in no time!