I remember taking my dog to “doggie” school and what fun it was many years ago. I was in my early teens, and I can remember what a great experience it was for my dog and for me. The Town of Windsor Recreation Department is set to offer dog training classes for children starting this month.

Children ages 8-14 will play games specifically designed to teach basic good behaviors. They will also learn about basic dog training theory and safety around their own dogs and dogs they don’t know. Children will also learn about dog body language. No dogs will be present the first day of class.

The first session will be Jan. 12-Feb. 23 and the second session will be March 15-April 26. The class costs $85 and a parent must accompany the child to each class.

You can see more details about the courses online, or call Windsor Community Recreation Center at 970-674-3500 for more information.