It's summer. Kids get bored. Bored kids can sometimes get into trouble. Point being- in May and June of this year, some cars in Windsor were broken into and items stolen.

Now, the Windsor Police have arrested the suspects and have some of the items that were stolen- is any of it YOUR stuff?

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Summer mischief: What can you do?  Well, you can ARREST the hooligans! Some (mostly) kids were breaking into cars earlier this summer in Windsor. Recently the Windsor PD apprehended the suspects and have some things that don't belong to the suspects, but they don't know who exactly they DO belong to.

From the Windsor Police Department press release:

During the months of May and June, Windsor Police received a number of reports of cars being illegally entered (criminal trespass to vehicle). The investigation that followed resulted in the arrests of 9 Windsor area juveniles and 1 adult. They are charged with criminal trespass and theft.  The adult, 18 year old Ashton Gjerstad was booked into Weld County Jail on July 13th charged with felony first degree criminal trespass and misdemeanor theft. Charges are pending on 1 other juvenile.

Police recovered numerous stolen items during the investigation. The Windsor Police requests that anyone who had their car broken into during May or June, but did not file a report please contact investigations at 970-686-7433. Police also would like to remind town residents to lock their car doors, keep valuables out of sight, close their garage doors at night, and report any suspicious activity while it is happening.

Good to know they caught these guys. Seems like most of the time, the perps are never caught!