An April to Remember Nickelback experience with AFNI brings you a pretty incredible opportunity. When Nickelback took the scene, they took it. I recall seeing their single CD in the studio at the radio station I was working at in 1998. Chad Kroeger caught my eye, and the song, "How You Remind Me" stood out. At that point I was deciding whether or not to feature this 'new' band on our new music showcase on the air. I did, and put the cd away and kind of forgot about it.

Then, all of a sudden, they exploded all over the radio, and were played so much it was like they had always been with us. As you can see, their YouTube video for the song has been viewed over 33 million times!

The trip we have to offer to see this staple of radio is monstrous! We take care of airfare, accomodations, tickets to the show, meet and greet with the band, tickets to the Cubs game at Wrigley and spending cash! Register now!!