I had heard rumors about a new whiskey bar coming to Fort Collins, but hadn’t heard any actual details. Then it was mentioned over the weekend in the Feasting Fort Collins newsletter, and now the Coloradoan has details about it.

A whiskey bar called “William Oliver’s Publick House” will be opening in the shopping plaza at Timberline and Drake  in Fort Collins.

The Coloradoan reports that the bar will initially offer 150+ types of Scotch whisky and non-Scotch whiskey, along with Fort Collins and Loveland brewed beers. The owner hopes to have every Colorado-made whiskey in his place along with spirits from around the world.

William Oliver’s Publick House will be located at 2608 S. Timberline Road, and they hope to have it open by St. Patrick’s Day (March 17th,2013) .

Now, the Coloradoan pointed out that Whisky is generally Scottish, whereas whiskEy is generally from somewhere other than Scotland. This was news to me, so I did a little sleuthing and found out some more fascinating whiskey facts from TheKitchn.com.

Whisey (or whisky) a type of spirit distilled from a mash of fermented grain. There are lots of sub-categories such as bourbon, rye, Tennessee, Scotch, Irish, and Canadian style whiskies. All of them very different from one another. The spelling, whiskey vs. whisky is quite the ittle lightning rod for debate, but TheKitchn breaks it down like this:

  • Countries that have E’s in their names (UnitEd StatEs and IrEland) tend to spell it whiskEy (plural whiskeys)
  • Countries without E’s in their names (Canada, Scotland, and Japan) spell it whisky (plural whiskies)

Now you know.

I guess William Oliver’s will be a whiskey bar AND a whisky bar.

You can keep tabs on the progress of their opening on their website, their Facebook page and their Twitter.

Are you excited about the new addition coming to town?

William Oliver’s Publick House, Facebook

Featured image by Danny Nicholson, Flickr.