Why does this trailer for a movie adaptation of a Broadway smash make me think of my childhood and my honeymoon?  Read on to find out...

First, my childhood.

Not surprisingly, my parents had a lot of influence over my music tastes when I was young.  In our countless car rides together, the dial was firmly affixed to two stations: one was country, and the other was oldies.  So Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons have been on my ears for as long as I remember, and I've always liked them!

And...my honeymoon?

Now, don't go getting any ideas!  Actually, Robyn and I honeymooned in Las Vegas, and we knew we wanted to see a great show while we were there.  It didn't take too much research to see that "Jersey Boys" would not leave us disappointed.  And it was amazing!

So there you have it: two major reasons for me to be super-excited about this Eastwood-directed flick.

Check you the trailer, then let me know what you think!