When I worked with my programmers on paulwozniak.com, in order to be able to communicate what I have to offer to the world, I had to ask myself "What do I have to offer to the world?"

This question is what, I believe, should be at the heart of every business and every business website. What am I doing? Why am I doing it? Since I had to think about it and communicate it to the folks who were building it, I really had to gain clarity on what I am doing, and more importantly, why I am doing it.

It reminded me that clarifying specifically what I am doing and why I am doing it should, for me, be a daily habit, or something done at least thrice weekly.

Building a new website, I am basically able to show the world anything I want. So what do I show them? What words do I choose to describe what I do, and what I am hoping to have people understand with a visit to my website.

Thinking about my website made me think about me, and to reexamine plans, courses of action, tasks and even beliefs. It was very helpful for me to reboot, look back on what I've done, think about what I want to do, and put something on the web that reflects all of those things.

I really believe the process of writing for the website, then seeing it, and feeling whether or not it accurately represented all that I stand for, was really just a process of me looking at myself and my works and deciding if they are on the right track, or if I should start to write another storyline for any or all of them.

Asking myself, "What do I want my website to look like?" was really a question of "What do I want my businesses to look like?" because the website is just a reflection of what I have going on in reality.