There is clear evidence that the world has completely lost its mind. I'm not talking about the civil war in Syria, fans shooting each other in parking lots after NFL games, or even the fact that two 'extra-value' meals can cost $15 at McDonald's. No I am talking about Al Roker, Jim Cantore, and their cast of weather-crazed, hype-producing friends broadcasting from the beach during raging hurricanes. Are you kidding me?

I would rather watch ten Obama/Romney ads back to back during a single commercial break, than five more minutes of the Weather Channel's Stephanie Abrams struggling to stand upright in the hurricane driven rain, encouraging everyone to evacuate due to the extremely dangerous nature of the storm. Could this be any sillier?

Common sense has been thrown out the window, and I guess it's our fault for watching it, or they'd stop doing it (in theory anyway).

"Hi, I'm Al Roker reporting from the War of 1812 where I actually have my head in the cannon, waiting for them to light the fuse, just so you can see how much a cannonball hurts."

"Hi, there Jim Cantore at the scene of the Great Chicago Fire, where the raging inferno continues. I'm here actually standing in the flames so you can see just how hot fire actually is. You however, should run for your life as death and destruction are all around me.

"Hi I'm Scott Pelly from CBS News, on the Titanic. Just a few hours ago this ship struck an iceberg, and now passengers are barely clinging to life. While they fight for room on lifeboats, I am fighting for ratings, and blub...blub...blub...

We've lost our minds.