The annual Bolder Boulder 10K is on May 26th, and before anyone even has the chance to step up to the starting line, a fight has broken out.

On May 26th folks from around the world will gather in Colorado. Not to smoke pot, but to compete in a Colorado classic- The 35th running of the Bolder Boulder 10K.  Before it even starts, however, the event is being petitioned to change its slogan - which is “Sea Level is For Sissies”.

Out Boulder (a LBGTQ advocacy group) started a petition at on Wednesday (5/7) stating that word is derogatory and shouldn't be used as Bolder Boulder’s slogan.

Though CAN be effective, Bolder Boulder organizers aren’t shaking quite yet-

[…] Bolder Boulder race director Cliff Bosley said organizers of the Memorial Day 10K had a meeting about three years ago with Cathy Busha, then-director of Out Boulder, about the slogan and said he thought they came to an understanding that the slogan was not intended to put anyone down. "While it was not their preference we continue to use it, they understood that it wasn't singling out their organization," Bosley said. Bosley said Bolder Boulder will not retire the slogan.

Out Boulder maintains that they are supporters of the event itself, they’d just like them to change this slogan.

[Source: The Daily Camera]

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