Loveland Police have a drone!  Do they need it to thwart trouble at the Larimer County Fair?  The Corn Roast Festival? Certainly not the Cherry Pie Celebration...

So, why DOES the LPD have a drone?

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

A drone is now employed by the Loveland Police Department. Seems weird: Little Loveland needs a drone?

First off, they do not even like calling it a 'drone'.  Loveland Police refer to the device simply, as 'the quad copter'  Which, they've only used about twice so far by -- the traffic department.

They bought the quadcopter earlier in 2014 for only about $300.  The price is what's making drones- or quadcopters- so prevalent these days. Almost anybody can get one.  LPD is being very cautious about its use

From The Reporter-Herald:

"We're being very cautious with it," he said. "It's just for documenting incidents that have already occurred.

"We're not using it for surveillance. We're not using it for peeking into backyards," [Traffic-enforcement unit supervisor Sgt. Jameson Gartnerhe] said

So far, they've used it to document crime scenes and traffic accidents. Which makes sense, since without the quadcopter, often times they have to use a fire department ladder truck to get any aerial photos.

Rest assured, they are NOT using it to prevent or stop crime.  That kind of technology would probably cost a LOT more than $300!

Take a look at The Quad Copter!

[Source: Reporter-Herald]