It's not because they are so great, which they actually are...but that's not the reason why their video is the best.

It's not because they went so big, dumping a tractor load full of ice water on their big heads.

It's not even that our very own Susan Moore was operating the tractor.

It is because the camera man and editor knew what he was doing.

Just because we all haves video cameras now, it doesn't mean that we all know how to make good videos. The problem most Ice Bucket Challenge cinematographers have faced is that they want to end it too early. The ice is dumped, they allow for one gasp, and they end the video. The reaction is the video!

Thankfully, my little nitpicky analysis of the videos, or even making good video, isn't what counts. Awareness is what counts, and it's been a HUGE success. Great job to all who have shot or been in an Ice Bucket Challenge video.

For those who may shoot one in the future, consider letting the camera roll and getting in tight on the philanthropist you are shooting, because the reaction to having the ice dumped on them is what we would love to see!

Like this.

Tractor credit - Susan Moore