Both times I took the dog for a walk yesterday, I looked up to see a helicopter pass by overhead.  That makes more helicopters in two days than I've seen in the past year or so!  So, what's the deal with all the helicopters?

According to the Coloradoan, increased helicopter activity in Northern Colorado is normal for this time of year (though it doesn't seem like it to me).

As the snows melt, both government and businesses are stepping up their helicopter use. That means the helicopters are getting checked out, newly hired pilots are getting checked out, and veterans are practicing their skills. For firefighting pilots, that means working with long lines and buckets. For utility companies, that means getting their helicopters ready to fly linemen into remote areas to repair transformers, insulators and microwave communications equipment.

It's true: There are many helicopter facilities in the area, and this is the time of year that contracts for "heli's" come in for the coming Summer months.

So, basically, no need to freak out!  Everything is fine!

Though you may want to invest in some earplugs... :)