It had a week and a day for the dust to settle since the two Presidential candidates got together in Denver for the first debate of the 2012 election. Last night (October 11th) it was time for their running mates to go toe to toe. Current Vice President Joe Biden and Congressman Paul Ryan met on the campus of Centre College in Danville, Kentucky and stirred that dust back up. Who won last night's debate?

Here is what some folks were saying about the debate...

Republican strategist Karen Hanretty wrote on Twitter that Ryan gave Biden the 'let the crazy uncle speak his mind at Thanksgiving dinner' look.

But Massachusetts Democratic Senator John Kerry, also taking to Twitter, thought Biden was so convincing that 'by the end of this, Ryan may vote for Joe.'

The conservative group 'Campaign To Defeat Obama' quickly sought to raise money off Biden's 'rude and arrogant' performance, sending a fundraising email to supporters asking for contributions.

Obama campaign manager Jim Messina retorted: 'When the other side is talking about eye rolls and smirks they are losing the debate.'

One instant-reaction poll came from CBS News: 50% said Biden won, 31% said Ryan won, and 19% said it was a tie. Another, from CNN, had 48% favoring Ryan and 44% favoring Biden.