Welcome DOC! While we've known each other for many years, this is the first time
we've been on the air together. There is now a very cool vibe on Tri 102.5 mornings
with the addition of Doc. Here's what I can tell you about him...so far:

He is a true radio professional AND a good listener. That's key to interacting with
each other on the air. I hope I can keep up with him...hey, that sounds like a challenge!

Doc has a yellow lab named Steve, he drives a sporty 'Jeepy' type vehicle, and he and his wife have two kids. Their home is in Fort Collins.

Doc likes to golf.

He's polite, respectful, handsome, and makes me giggle on air and off. We are so, so lucky Doc chose to accept the gig here at Townsquare in Windsor as our current team is just remarkable.