I am not sure what is going on with me as I am getting older, but I get these really odd cravings for off the wall things. They aren't normal cravings where you sort of want something, they are overwhelming cravings where I feel like I have to have whatever it is I am jonesing for. Yesterday it happened to be cinnamon rolls. So, who has the best cinnamon rolls in Northern Colorado?

I actually took to my personal Facebook page awhile back to ask where I should go to get a cinnamon roll, and had a ton of my friends chime in with where they thought had the best rolls. I even had a few people offer to make me some, but I never saw any. :(

I would have to say the the overall consensus on my Facebook page was for Johnson's Corner, who are known worldwide for their cinnamon rolls, but that doesn't necessarily mean they are your favorite's.