Classic stories are bound to be retold, re-imagined, and re-engineered.  Personally, I'm glad it happens.  It's what allows the story to live on from generation to generation.  When it comes to the Seussian tale of a grumpy green creature who hates Christmas, we've been presented with two different film versions (so far); and the question of which one is better can be a difficult one for folks to agree on!

Personally, I love the new, live-action version that stars Jim Carrey.  To me, Dr. Seuss's characters are even more wonderful and whimsical when they're played by real people with crazy costumes and makeup, rather than just cartoons.  Plus, I've been a fan of Jim Carrey since The Mask, so it's a pretty easy choice for me.

I'd love to know what you think, though!