When you look around Northern Colorado, we see buildings being built at a fast pace and the expansion of commerce happening rapidly. However, that isn't the same story across America as some of the most well-known brands are closing their doors at a quick pace.

According to a new story written up by the Huffington Post, here are the retail chains that are closing the most stores in 2015:

1.) Radio Shack - The closings of Radio Shacks across America has come as no surprise as the chain got first affected by Best Buy many years ago and then the forward movement of Amazon.Com

2.) Aeropostale - Aeropostale stated it would close another 126 mall outlets in fiscal 2015. The teen retailer has seen stiff competition from H&M, which will be opening a store in Fort Collins in 2015 at the newly remodeled Foothills Mall.

3.) Barnes and Noble - So far, Barnes & Noble has at least managed to close many of its stores upon the termination of the lease period. In doing so, the bookseller has managed to avoid taking major losses from store closures. Still, Barnes & Noble has been closing stores for years. The retailer operated 1,361 brick-and-mortar bookstores in 50 states as of May last year.  At the same time, online retailers such as Amazon.com have reported explosive growth.

4.) JCPenney - In January, JCPenney stated it would close roughly 40 stores in 2015, resulting in approximately 2,250 layoffs.

5.) Sears - When it announced in December a third quarter loss of $548 million, Sears Holdings Corporation also confirmed the previously announced closing of 235 stores, which it described as underperforming. No word yet on if Sears plans to reopen at the newly remodeled Foothills Mall later this year.