To me, going to a movie is about more than just the film I'm watching.  It's about the atmosphere, the feeling I get sitting in the theater.  I'm also picky about sound and picture quality.  All the elements of a movie-going experience need to come together in a special way for me to really enjoy myself.

If I go to a movie and the sound is too low, or the projector isn't aligned properly with the screen, I can't enjoy the movie.  I just can't.  Call me crazy, but I expect a certain level of professionalism from movie theaters.  I actually live three blocks from one theater, but I'll drive 20 minutes to see a movie at a different one.  The projectors are better, the staff is more professional, and the sound system is better.  I'm not crazy, am I?

So I'm curious: Which theater do you go out of your way for?  Which movie theater in Northern Colorado is your favorite?  Cast you vote, then let me know why in the comments below!