Parking in Fort Collins can be a challenge, if you don't know the secret stashes, that is. The simple trick? Park one block away from the main thoroughfares and you should be good to go. Since I've been here for more than a decade and have NEVER been issued a parking ticket, please allow me to share the best spots to park for free in Old Town Fort Collins.

Zone #1

This is a smorgasboard of free parking! Depending on your destination, you shouldn't be more than two blocks from it. The closer you get to Mountain on Mason, the tighter it will get.

Insider's tip - Oak St. between Howes and Mason almost ALWAYS has a spot or two free, and you're just a hop, skip and jump from Oak St. Plaza!

Zone #2

You can see Old Town Square from this spot, and it's pretty reliable. For some reason, when looking for parking, people heading north usually make the left on Laporte, leaving lots of spots for those who take the road less traveled.

Zone #3

Basically in Old Town, and this one is less open on REALLY busy times, but is a pretty good bet on your average day. Once again, just a stone's throw from Old Town Square.