roman candle warsIf "lighting off fireworks" means using bottle-rockets, mortars, roman candles, Black Cats, fountains and the like, than the short answer is "nowhere."

According to Colorado law the only fireworks allowed for personal use in the state cannot explode, nor can they leave the ground and fly through the air. Firecrackers, rockets of any kind, and mortars are also illegal everywhere in Colorado. On top of that, many cities in the counties in the state have even more strict rules, some going so far as to ban all fireworks.

If you do plan on lighting off some fireworks, make sure to check your area's fireworks regulations for this year to avoid those fines that range anywhere from $150-$1,000 depending on where you are.

I've also lived in neighborhoods in the past that always had at least one idiot that decided to treat the neighborhood to some amateur mortar displays...bad idea. I'm sure they thought it was really 'cool', but most of us neighbors were more worried that that idiot was going to burn our house down. Don't be that idiot.

Be safe, the last thing we need is for someone to accidentally spark another wildfire!

If you do want to see some amazing fireworks, leave it to the professionals. Click here for the fireworks displays planned in Northern Colorado for 2013.

You can also drive to some nearby states that have much more lax rules against fireworks. (*Cough cough*...Wyoming). However, if you drive there to buy 'em, you'd better stay there too shoot them. Bringing back illegal fireworks into the state can result in some pretty hefty fines.