Do you drive an electric vehicle (EV) and want to know where you can plug in and recharge? Or maybe your thinking about buying one and trying to see if there are charging stations where you would need to have them?  Read on to see where the EV charging stations are in Fort Collins, Loveland, Bellview, Greeley and Johnstown.

Here are the Northern Colorado Charging that we know of so far:

You can also see all of these locations on a map from the DENC website along with details and any charges associated with the specific charging stations.

If you have an EV you'll want to make sure you know the different between level 1, level 2, and level 3 charging to plan accordingly.  Thankfully there is plenty of info about all the charging stations available and there will be plenty more coming our way in the near future.

Get more info about electric vehicles and charging stations from: