Copper Mountain sits alone on I-70 like an oasis of pleasure. As you make the wide turn and head further west, if you haven't stopped and then wished  you had, well, join the club. Don't worry. The Vail pass exit is only a few miles away. Turn around, and head back to Copper.

Copper Mountain is one of the few resorts that has nothing surrounding it but itself. From the time you pull in until you hop back on I-70, the entire area is there to facilitate the good times you should have at the resort. There is a lot to do, and it's all very easy to access.

The folks at Copper are always boasting about their 'naturally divided terrain', and why shouldn't they? If you are a beginner, you don't want to have to worry about some speed crazed nutcase barreling into you should you zig when they thought you were going to zag. Likewise, if you want to mach a run or two, you can probably rest assured you aren't going to find many newbies in the Copper Bowl.

Free CAT skiing is something you have to try this year. The terrain is as good as you'll find, and you don't have to worry about whether it's going to avalanche. If it might slide, they won't let you go. Please don't cut the ropes though. Let's all get through this season and enjoy another one next year.

I spoke with Austyn Williams about the opening, their new Speed Center where the U.S. Ski team trains, and the love that is Copper Mountain.