While it's a bummer to admit it, summer must sometimes come. Here is when that happens. 

Arapahoe Basin - Closing Day TBD

Let's give props to Arapahoe Basin, The Legend. We don't know when they'll close. They don't either, and with great spring snow, they could run the chair through May into June.

I told my wife that ski season at A Basin lasts through June and I think she wanted to punch me.

Technically, they have a budgeted closing date of around June 1, but if it keeps snowing...

Steamboat - Closing Day - April 13, 2014

Steamboat goes until April 13, 2014. They have had a great season with snow that reached a 100 inch base. That has made for a great season. Now, the whole mountain is open, soft afternoon snow will greet us, and I'll bet we'll see an occasional dump or two. It will be a great spring.

Breckenridge - Closing Day - April 27, 2014

We can enjoy Breckenridge until late April. After last year, when it kept snowing and snowing through the spring, means there is plenty of time to get up above treelike and make turns. Also, start looking for screaming deals starting soon. After spring break, there are a few less travelers, making more room for the locals.

Keystone - Closing Day - April 20, 2014

It's been a great year for Keystone. The terrain is always good, so when the snow shows, it's all smiles and powder turns.

Vail - Closing Day - April 20, 2014

'Like nothing on Earth' is what they say about Vail. Last year, this proved to be true, when Vail got so much snow they reopened the lifts. That was unheard of. Now, you know what I would like it to be?

Heard of.

Beaver Creek - Closing Day - April 20, 2014

Copper Mountain - Closing Day - April 20, 2014

Winter Park - Closing Day - April 20, 2014

Eldora - Closing Day - April 13, 2014