I make it a point NOT to memorize my job's holiday schedule.  That way, I get surprise days off throughout the year.  It's like Christmas (and yes, one of them is Christmas)!  So, seeing as how a lot of people probably have next Monday off for President's Day, I got to thinking about great ways to spend a welcome day off from work.

I think my favorite thing to do is...nothing!  Okay, I don't mean sitting around all day doing literally nothing; but for me it's so comforting to know I can have a day with no itinerary, no deadlines, and nowhere to be.  If I decide to do something, then I do it.  But that freedom of having nothing that needsto be done is so relaxing in itself, don't you agree?

If my day off happens to coincide with my wife's day off (which almost never happens), I like to spend the day with her.  I usually like to take her out to lunch or something, but laying in bed watching Netflix all day is just fine too!

So what's your perfect day off?