I was in Cub Scouts growing up, and one of my fondest memories was when my parents took me and a couple of my fellow scouts to the community rec center.

I must have only been eight or nine years old, and one of our scout badges had to do with aquatic safety.  It was a perfect excuse to go swimming with family and friends.

I remember being absolutely floored when I saw the pool for the first time.  Not only had I not been to many indoor pools, but I had never seen a water slide as massive as the one at that pool!

We were there for hours.  Most of our time was spent waiting in line to go down the slide again, but it was totally worth it!

It was such a great day, I insisted on coming back for my birthday.  Then my sister did the same thing for her birthday the next year.

So obviously, I have some great memories from community centers.  Do you?  If yes, tell me your favorite story in the comments.  If no, why not create some?

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