Every so often, I get to fill in on the morning show here at TRI-102.5.  While it's tons of fun, getting up early is something I don't do very often; and so there are a few things I absolutely have to do to make those early mornings the best they can be!

First, I have to take a shower.  All that running water might wake up my fiance, but it just has to be the first thing I do to start the day.  Otherwise, I'm still groggy when I get to work, and that's not good!

Secondly, I need coffee.  This is a fairly new part of my morning routine.  I actually didn't even like coffee before a year or two ago; and now (thanks to my fiance), I can't start my morning without it!  At least I'm in good company with this one.

Once I finally get to the studio, I have to turn all the lights on.  It really helps give me that extra burst of energy I need to start the day on the air.  The lights on here in the studio are on dimmer switches, and they're usually turned way down because there's so much light coming through the windows.  But not in the morning!

So as long as I've had my shower, my coffee, and bright lights surrounding me, I can turn on that mic and feel great about starting the day.

What's your morning routine?