We've all been there, excitedly tearing the wrapping off a gift, only to discover it's not exactly up our alley.  Usually, it's pretty easy to find some kind of silver lining; but occasionally, there's just no salvation for a bad gift.

When I think about this, all that comes to mind is a stocking-stuffer I got sometime in my early teenage years.  It was 100% organic chewing gum.  The packaging boasted that each piece was lovingly crafted from all-natural parts of some exotic tree.

It was awful.

It tasted like glue, and had the texture of wet paper mixed with tree sap.  It wouldn't even stay in one piece in my mouth.  Blech!

I guess I don't have very much to complain about if that's the worst gift I can think of.  I bet you have a better story, right?  So what was the worst gift you ever received?