Some people, namely me, have a problem. A shopping problem. Things is, it has been pretty easy to curb the problem as of late in Fort Collins due to a lack of a good mall. That all is about to change however. Walton Street Capital and Alberta Development Partners purchased the Foothills Mall in July for $39.6 million and plan to redevelop it with an eye on reopening for the holiday season in 2014. Now the question is what stores do we need in Fort Collins?

Municipal voters will be asked on the November ballot whether to establish a metropolitan district for the Foothills Mall. Creating a metro district at the mall would enable higher tax rates unique to the zone, one of several financial incentives the developers are likely to pursue.

Plans for the project that have emerged thus far include shortening the name of the mall to just Foothills rather than the original Foothills Fashion Mall. The developers website also said Foothills will be a combination traditional indoor mall mixed with street-front shops, open-air restaurants and community gathering spaces with dancing fountains, a skating rink, an outdoor fireplace on a “great lawn” and more.