Fort Collins is a great place to live.

If you don't believe me, just ask any top ten list on the subject.

We're aware of our town's relative awesomeness.

So, do you think we should have some kind of slogan? As of now, there is no official slogan for the city of Fort Collins. I spoke with Jill Marx about it and we made an attempt to come up with some ideas.

I've heard the branding 'Choice City' before, but that isn't anything official. I like it, especially because there are quite a few people who end up in Fort Collins because they actually did research that led them to literally choose this as a place to live.

Plus, it is difficult to really narrow it down and say in just a few words what Fort Collins means to its diverse population. The essence of 'what Fort Collins is' differs for differing people.

Some would say that beer is a huge part of Fort Collins culture, and I wouldn't disagree. However, as a person that doesn't drink any beer at all, I know that you can take it out of the equation entirely, and it is still a great place to live.

Many say that bicycling is at the core of the culture, but there are plenty of people who never ride a bike, and, frankly, resent the bicyclists they see on the road. I'm not saying it's right, but I've heard the sentiment more than a couple of times.

Still others add that our music scene is a defining characteristic. I agree, but also know that there is a large part of the population that couldn't name a band or musician from around here.

So, where does that put us?

I got some ideas started on this poll, and I want to note that I'm not in love with any of them. I'm hoping that you'll add your two cents in the blank space, to give us some ideas and if I see some good ones I will add them to the poll. Thanks!