Wise man once said, "Without conflict, you don't have a story." Well, those are the waters in which What Not To Wear is now wading.

This season, more than ever, they've been featuring celebrities who have fallen off the fashion cliff. Interesting? Meh.

Shannon Elizabeth was featured on What Not To Wear. Getty-Frazer-Harrison

They started doing this a few years ago with Blossom's Mayim Bialik. She is now a mom and couldn't have been further from the famous fashion quirkiness that we are accustomed. She was nominated by a friend, and in true solid style, she did not accept the $5,000 that the show normally gives their participants. Instead, they donated it to charity and she used her own money. That ep was a pretty good one, and it was put in the middle of a season filled with 'regular' people, not celebrities.

This season, they have been doing more and more celebrities. First, Tiffany, of Tiffany fame, nominated herself. I didn't dig it.

Last night (February 21, 2013) they featured Shannon Elizabeth. Her fashion was pretty bad, mainly because she is trying so hard to distance herself from the character she played on American Pie.

It's not interesting because there is no conflict in this story. There is no problem to be solved. When normal people are on What Not To Wear, it really seems like Clinton and Stacy are helping them.

With Shannon Elizabeth and other celebrities, their lives are already charmed. She is one of the most beautiful women on our planet, so helping her with fashion just doesn't create the warm fuzzies for me like it does when they transform ordinary people's lives.

In a classic line from the episode, Shannon says something like, "That doesn't fit my body type," to which Clinton and Stacy replied, "What body type is that? The perfect body type?"

The point of the show has always been about saving someone's fashion to help enhance their lives. With celebrities, it's almost like "You are FABULOUS, but not fabulous enough. Let's help you make a couple more million."

And no blame goes to Shannon Elizabeth. She seemed reluctant to take part. I'm not sure how much Clinton and Stacy have to do with this. My guess is that someone in a board room was just trying to boost the show's ratings by including celebrities. It may have worked, but I like it much less.

What do you think?