Its hard to believe, but Halloween is now less than two weeks away. The new Halloween movies have started to come out in the theaters, but most will agree that if you really want a good scare it is better to pop in a classic horror flick at home. When it comes to scary movies, opinions are like ax holes: Nearly everybody's got one. What's your favorite?

The term "scary movie" is somewhat subjective, so I figured out that in order for a movie to actually be considered "scary" it has to hit these three main categories:

1. Is the movie so scary that it could change one's behavior?
2. Does the movie have a high likelihood of producing nightmares in many people?
3. Does the movie startle you, make you anxious, get your heart pumping, or just plain gross you out?

Now think for a second, what flicks have done these things to you? OK, got it? Now tell us...