After watching the last two Denver Broncos games it is almost hard to believe that they only lost by one score in each game. For three quarters in both games the Broncos were thoroughly outplayed by their opponents. However, in both games the Broncos tried to make a comeback in the fourth quarter falling just short. With both the Kansas City Chiefs and Oakland Raiders winning this week the Broncos are tied for last place in the division. What is to blame for their struggles?

It was almost hilarious to watch many of my friends on Facebook doing the whole Tebow thing after the Broncos loss to the Texans on Sunday (September 23rd). Saying that he he would have surely brought back last years magic and brought the team back for victory. The difference is the holes the Broncos have tried to climb from the last two weeks. They're not down one or two scores, as they were before the Tim Tebow-led rallies against the Dolphins, Jets, Chargers and Bears last season. They have fallen into 20-point holes, plagued by a balky passing game prone to errant passes and drops.

The last point I want to make as a Bronco fan is that the two losses have now come to teams that are in heavy talks about being the best two teams in each of their leagues respectively. Both teams are off to 3-0 starts and look like they could be the two best teams in the NFL. No matter where the blame rests, the recent results were the same—a loss to an undefeated, Super Bowl-contending foe that could nevertheless have been avoided.