No, it's not a technical school that will teach you to fix cars.

Automobile University is a term I believe I heard first from Eric Worre, the network marketing guru that I've mentioned before in my posts.

The idea is very simple: Learn while you drive. How? By listening to audio books, speeches and things that teach you what you want to know.

Here's the thing--no matter what you want to do, someone has probably done it (if you want to do something that no one has done, well, GOOD FOR YOU! Go get some. In your case I would just go with general personal development stuff). Those people who have achieved what you want to achieve have written books and given speeches on those topics, and the best place to listen to them and absorb them is when you are all alone in your car.

How long is your daily commute? The average American's is about 26 minutes. Use that time to learn, be inspired, explore a new subject or listen to something that brings you more peace.

If you're commute is longer, like the 8% of Americans who drive an hour or more, you could get a Ph D from Auto U!

You can do the same thing if you take public transport. Just pop in the headphones, turn on your favorite book, and you are on your way to what you want to be, do, or have.

My commute is short, so I get the majority of my listening done on my long winter road trips. Between here and Steamboat, I can listen to a lot of audio.

A great place to start is with They have so much stuff on there that is free to download and enjoy. Much of it is video, but you can download it to your iTunes and drive and just listen to it (please don't watch video while driving).

I belong to For $15/month, I get a book every month. That price crushes the cost of most audiobooks, that usually run in the $25-40 range.

Cost too much? Well, how much do you want to achieve what you want to achieve. If you can't spend $15 a month on it, you must not have a very strong desire for it.