SusanMoore, TSM

I believe I was born an old soul. Add that to just being old, I have gained the wisdom to live in gratitude of my gifts every day.  I am thankful for that knowledge and a sense of security each day waking in a cozy home where my husband, critters, and I are safe, cared for, and loved.

I pull myslf out of  that warm wonderful place at 3:30 each morning and head for the studios with the promise that 'the guys' I work with on air are going to do their best to make me laugh, and I am thankful.

Upon returning home I'm greeted by dogs joyous at having the pack back together and by whinnies.  I know Lily's whinny, but it's my Arabian mare's 'nicker' that is really distinctive.  She sounds like she's been out late playing Bingo in a smoky hall. I love her rumble and I am thankful.

My family is always near, though today it's via technology.  This Thanksgiving we celebrate with friends Todd and Jenny Harding, Jenny's parent Bev and Barney, and other members of their family.  We will eat delicious food, chat, nap, play cards, and eat some more...I am thankful.

You read this, so you are a valued person in my world, likely a 'listener'...and for that I am thankful.  Happy Thanksgiving,  Love Susan