The fast growing Colorado town of Windsor has city limits within Larimer and Weld Counties.  While Weld County commissioners are leading the movement to split the state in two, Larimer is not on-board.  So what happens to Windsor if "North Colorado" becomes a state?

Weld County Commissioner Sean Conway said the first step will be to discuss Windsor’s role in the process with town leaders and Larimer County commissioners.

“We’ll have conversations with Larimer County and see if they’ll allow their residents in Windsor proper to be a part of this ballot initiative and be part of the new area,” Conway said. “It may result in redrawing county lines, but it’s really up to the people.”

At this point, everything surrounding this "51st state" movement is still very uncertain, but that hasn't stopped some residents from taking it very seriously.  Personally, I'll take it seriously when I see it on a ballot.  Until then, it's all just words to me!

Check out the video below for a few opinions from local residents about the whole issue, then tell us what YOU think of this whole "North Colorado" idea!