From my seat in the TRI-102.5 studio, I have a perfect view of Windsor's charming Main Street.  Aside from the occasional speeding motorcycle or group of schoolchildren walking by, there isn't usually a whole lot going on.  Except for on Monday night...

At around 6:00pm, right as I was prepping for the last hour of my show, three emergency vehicles pulled up right across the street.  There was a fire engine, a police van, and an ambulance.  I went outside for as long as i could without missing any of my show, but I didn't really see anything happening.  So I thought I should at least shoot the video below.

I figured I would find out what happened the next day.  Surely, three emergency vehicles right on Main Street would get reported on, right?  Wrong.

I haven't been able to find a single mention on any police websites or blotter feeds about what went on last night.  So I'm appealing to you!  Do you know what happened?  Tell me in the comments below!