Everyone has favorites.  There are always those certain things in life that you just can't picture ever not having.  It's more than just a favorite; it's almost a dependency..I have a lot of favorite foods.  It's actually hard to narrow it down to just one; or even one style, for that matter!

But I'd have to say the one food I would never want to be taken away would be peanut butter.

arnold | inuyaki, FLickr

Maybe it's because it was a staple of my childhood.  Maybe it has something to do with how it goes well with so many other things.  Or maybe it's because it's so darn good by itself!  I don't pretend to understand exactly what it is that makes peanut butter so irresistible to me, but I just know that I love it.

So what about you?  If someone was threatening to take certain foods out of your life forever, which one would you hide behind your back and hold onto for dear life?