2480 Saddle Notch Road is pretty nice. (Realtor punches me in the face). Sorry, this is the nicest home I've ever seen! (Realtor looks at me like, 'That's better.')

If you have an extra $10 million lying around, this is the home for you. Would they take $8.5? Not sure, but if you are in the conversation, congrats to you!

They say running water near your home attracts prosperity. Too late!

Not exactly roughing it.

Caviar tastes appropriate in here.

Winding up from luxury to...more luxury.

What are you drinking? Louis the XIII?

Time to relax.

Not a bad place to have a cocktail party.

Wine cellar.

Let's watch Lifestyles of Us.


Guest kitchen.

Nice place to keep horses and toys.

Welcome to the land of Love.