If you're like me, then you might be slightly doubtful of your gift-wrapping skill; and at times, maybe you've given up on using wrapping paper altogether.  Or maybe you're just staying away from wrapping paper because you're trying to do something different from everyone else.  Either way, there are plenty of alternatives out there!

When wrapping paper gets on my last nerve, I turn to gift bags.  I've even been known to use gift bags that are way too big for the gift, just to avoid trying to wrap it!

Then, of course, there's the classic alternative of newspaper.  Done correctly, I feel like there's something charming about gifts wrapped in funny-pages; but maybe that's just me.  Just be ready for the whole wrapping process to turn your fingers black!

I've heard of people using comic book pages to wrap gifts; but to me, that seems like a real waste.  Leave the comic book in one piece, and give it to me as a gift instead!

What wrapping paper alternatives to you use?  Tell me in the comments below!