I crave salty snacks more than anything, but sometimes I gotta get my knife and fork into a juicy steak, what does that say about me?


Look out for this craving, if you feel the need to dive into a bag of chips you may be stressing. Stress takes a lot out of the body and sometimes it can't keep up. Researchers suggest deep breathing exercises, a B-Complex Vitamin and more leafy greens. It's not certain that the cravings will go away completely, but taking a few precautions can reduce your chip binging.


Craving sweets is sometimes a tricking diagnosis. It can mean you may be feeling a bit depressed if you are craving chocolate as it is a natural anti-depressant, but sweets in general could mean your blood sugar has dropped and sugar is a fast way to load up on energy. If you're interested in a personality examination for craving sweets, you could be one who likes to stand out and be special or just like to dance on the wild side.


This craving is one of the easiest to understand, when you crave a burger or a steak to the point that you can't see eating anything else, your body is likely low on iron and looking for a fix. A solution when watching your red meat intake is to load up on rich beans, figs and dried fruit. Vitamin C helps you absorb iron better, so start taking a supplement or eat foods high in Vitamin C with your meal such as red peppers and tomatoes.


You are a lost cause, no just kidding. Actually, when you crave sweet and salty, like a bag of Caramel Bugles or Turtle Chex Mix your cells could be feeling sluggish. The body needs sugar and salt to function well and if your levels get too low the body is going to lead you to the fastest way of getting refueled. A habitual craving for this type of quick gratification could mean that your diet is unbalanced. And if you're curious what kind of person you are with this craving, you're likely a smart loner.


When craving cheese you are one of my closest friends, I love cheese. But seriously, craving cheese could point to a fatty acid deficiency. It's hard to believe that all of the foods that are potentially bad for us are really only bad for us, for the most part, when we consume too much. Our body needs fat, sugar, salt etc... Adding nuts, such as walnuts, flaxseed and salmon can help your body find more balance and crave cheese less.

Hopefully you feel that you can get a leg up on your craving's and have some kind of idea how to control them better, especially if you are trying to shed some pounds this new year. Knowing how to get ahead of your cravings could mean the difference between a successful weight loss program and one that sends you to the box of chocolates.