I probably shouldn't play favorites, but I am going to anyway... Of all the numerous breweries in Northern Colorado, the place with my favorite beer names hands down is Big Beaver Brewing Co. in Loveland. By the way their brews aren't half bad either... But the brewery is now looking for a little help in naming their latest brew. 

Now before you just go spouting off random names, remember that this is the brewery that has beers named Shaved Tail Ale, Bust-A-Nut Brown Ale, Big Woody IPA, Screw the Pooch Pale Ale, Whiskey Dick Stout, and Wonder Wiener Wheat just to name a few. That means that if you are going to name their next brew, it's going to have to be epic!

The beer we are naming is Big Beaver's new amber ale, and they need a name by the release of the beer a week from today (April 25th). Not only is this going to be a blast, but if they pick your name, you get a FREE growler fill to take home and FREE pitcher to enjoy in house!

Here are my ideas...

Amber, Amber, Crotch on Fire Ale

Ginger Bender Amber Ale

Smoking Pole Amber Ale

One-Eyed Monster Amber Ale

Granny Fanny Amber Ale

Wizard’s Sleeve Amber Ale

Butch-Wacker Amber Ale (Because I always wanted a beer named after me...)

Now that you are done either laughing at how brilliant my ideas are or how stupid they sound, instead of stealing my ideas, come up with a few of your own and send them over to Big Beaver on Facebook. 

Good luck!