We can do so much more than we think we can do.

This is what I've learned from working with the trainers at Miramont Lifestyle Fitness. Whenever we start a workout, they tell me what I have to do, and there are times that I hear it and think "There is no way that I can do that."

I just don't believe that what they are telling me to do is physically possible for me to do. Then, I do it. Afterward, I feel great.

When we think of all the incredible things humans have done, it shouldn't be surprising that I can do some things that are amazing as well. And so can you.

Sometimes, what it takes to achieve these incredible (to us) things is someone standing there next to us, making us do it. If my trainer Ethan wasn't there to push me to exercise to failure, I wouldn't have learned that I could do it.

It is much more difficult to push myself to failure without a taskmaster there, but since I learned that reaching physical failure during a workout is the way to results, I have been able to get there by myself. You can see this in the video above.

I've been into fitness all my life. I love that I am still learning about it.

With this most recent (and amazing!) radio promotion, Dare to Lose, that has me helping listeners lose weight and improve their health, I've learned that feeling like I can't do one more repetition is a very fast way to results.

It's hard to process when I hear Ethan tell me what I'm going to have to do that day. Then, I do it. After I stop panting, I know I can do more.