In the past several months I have seen waaaay too many of my compatriots in the radio industry 'downsized'. These are all people who are dedicated to 'LOCALIZING' radio.

You know, when the weather changes, when traffic gets screwed up, they are there to tell you. And guess what, they (and I) LOVE doing it.

It's a passion! Now the corpratization (a word ?) of radio is being instituted that is bringing in programming from outside markets that has nothing to do with LOCAL issues. You're getting, outside jocks that know nothing about YOUR town. No local events-appearances-updates on situations in YOUR town (etc).

My company, Townsquare media and most recently CBS radio have professed to going the opposite direction, providing MORE local interaction. I believe this will be the catalyst for a new revolution, of sorts, in broadcasting. At least, I hope so.

My fellow, now out of work, broadcasters need to be brought back into the fold to prove to these corporate usurpers that what the PUBLIC wants is a LOCAL presence that is truly representative of what the original mandate of the FCC is: Providing LOCAL community support through broadcast outlets and Supporting the nation’s economy by ensuring an appropriate competitive framework for the unfolding of the communications revolution.

Support LOCAL radio. Reject all who subscribe to 'it doesn't matter if we live here', and our communities will grow, thrive and be better for supporting our neighbors!