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OMG. I have yet to see one of these in any of the weddings I have worked. I did see one at a friend's wedding when I was just out of college. Reason for faint? Over-indulgence the night before. And the morning of. And right before the ceremony. 30 minutes into mass  and blam! Face to altar. Somebody carried him out and they've been married ever since. Having a loooong Catholic ceremony probably didn't help. At most of the ceremonies I see, they would have been married before the faint. Anyway....

Fainting can happen for any number of reasons. Maybe it's just really hot in the church, maybe the minister has a remarkably soothing voice, maybe you had a bit too much to drink at the rehearsal dinner the night before. But with all weddings being filmed these days, a good wedding faint is now forever. Enjoy!

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