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Finally a Daily Distraction that we can sink out teeth into. You know how many times my cohort Susan Moore has been hurt. If you don't, enjoy the button below. Warning: it leads to many painful bumps and bruises. Well, pictures of bumps and bruises, but you know what I mean.

Why couldn't Susan have had such fortunate falls? Maybe she did, but no one cares about a fall that leads to nothing. That doesn't get any clickthroughs. I'll tell you what does get click-throughs. When Susan takes a horse hoof to the face. Find that here.

I'm not here to just point out all of Susan's old injuries in a feeble attempt to improve our analytics (although I'll bet it's working!). Since I've started working with her, I've been lucky enough to join her in her pasture, and to truly enjoy the zen that comes from being near or on a horse. I grew up around them, but as an adult never had a person who owned horses in my life. They are truly majestic creature. Especially when they aren't trying to dump you off their backs.


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